Desert Fox


Schedule of Estimated Fees


Candidate Bio:  $150-$300
Issues page:  $200-$400
Press Release/Statement:  $50-$150
Column/Op-Ed (450-600 words):  $200-$350
Fundraising letter:  $400-$750+
Newsletter:  $300-$500
Book:  $2,500-$7,500
Copy critique:  $50-$250


Tele-consulting:  $100/hour

In-person consulting:  $250/hour (plus any out-of-town travel expenses)

Half-day consulting:  $750 (five hours, includes working breakfast or lunch; your treat)

Full-day consulting:  $1,500 (ten hours, includes choice of two – working breakfast, lunch or dinner; your treat)

On-Call Copywriting/Consultation:  $1,000/month

10 hours of my time copywriting, consulting or whatever else you require.  Payable in advance on a month-to-month basis.  No long-term contract required.  Two-month minimum.


Listed fees are guidance only.  Call today for a prompt price quote on your specific project.

Purchase order or letter of authorization required for all jobs.   Copywriting fees for initial projects are payable 50% in advance; balance upon delivery.  Copy critique fees are payable in full, in advance.  All revisions must be assigned within 30 days of receipt of copy.  Two rewrites are made free of charge unless the revision is based on a change in the assignment made after copy is submitted.

* This fee schedule is current as of July 2013.  Fees are subject to change without notice.   Be sure to call for current fee schedule when ordering copy or consulting services.

Call me at (702) 942-3291 or email